When ONE person adds ONE action forĀ improving the world, there is change.

The Plus One Project dares to make the world a little smaller and a lot more connected by encouraging YOU to enhance the world through action.

This art and these packets are designed to support your efforts.







The United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals were introduced in the year 2000 with an achievement date set for 2015.

Some of the goals have been met, many have not, ALL need our attention.

The Plus One Project generates awareness and new energy around the Millennium Development Goals. It supports the United Nations in moving their goals forward, BEYOND 2015.



The Plus One Project is a tool for inviting conversation and supporting YOUR visions for change. It is ready to use and easily modified to suit your needs.

What resonates for your group? Are you committed to hosting community meals? Wanting to establish a relationship with others abroad? Concerned about your regional watershed?

The Plus One Project encourages you to pursue your interests and involve yourself personally in the process. Consider, for instance, sharing a meal in addition to providing food for the hungry, writing letters to travel with the school supplies you send overseas, or hosting a public hike and picnic to raise awareness about your local water source.



There is no linear structure to discussing the Millennium Development Goals. Your gatherings may follow the calendar, respond to current events, or focus upon a single goal in order to understand it in greater depth.

With eight Millennium Development Goals and eight posters, meeting monthly and using the time between gatherings to follow your discussions with action is an option that provides the curriculum base for an entire school year.



The Plus One Project promotes forming new and creative partnerships. You may choose to host discussions with youth, adults and the elderly, providing three generations of insight. Or open your doors to community members and different faith groups. Perhaps you will collaborate with others who share your vision for change.

We encourage extending expansive invitations and welcoming new perspectives!



Preparing for gatherings is as simple as attaining local and state data about issues, and relating discussions to your past or ongoing activities. Group coordinators may choose to manage these preparations themselves or invite others to share the responsibility.

The Plus One Project provides sample curriculum for the first Millennium Development Goal about overcoming extreme hunger and poverty. The sample includes a discussion overview, reference to the United Nations’ data, suggested readings, artist’s comments, and discussion and personal reflection points about the goal. It is a template for you to apply to other goals and use to support your group’s unique needs and interests. Learn more in Packet Contents.