Avoid Joiner Fees – Book a Guest Friendly Hotel in Thailand

One of the main reasons why so many single men travel to Thailand is because of the women. Thai women are sexy and can also be aggressive with the western man. In the red light districts many bargirls, ladyboys, go-go dancers can be brought back to your hotel room for a price. Let’s not forget the freelancers too.

If you are planning on bring your girl or new friend back to your room check out the website Guest Friendly Hotels Thailand which gives you a list of all the hotels that don’t charge an extra fee for a guest that you are not traveling with. This is a thing believe it or not in Thailand. The reason is some hotels (mostly higher end) don’t want to have a bunch of bar girls or go-go dancers walking in and out of their hotel, or having breakfast look like a nightclub.

Two Reasons to Book a Girl or Guest Friendly Hotel

Finding a hotel that is guest friendly will accomplish two things for you. First, it will save you some embarrassment. Imagine walking into the hotel with your bar girl or go-go dancer only to be told that she can’t come in. For sure other guests will hear the conversation and will think of you as a big pervert. A guest friendly hotel will just smile and let you take your girl to your room without issues.

The other thing is the money. For the hotel that does not allow unregistered guests, they may charge you a fee. Sometimes these fees can be as much at 1500 baht per person, per night. So let’s say want to bring one ladyboy and one girl (what a time!) to your room, you might have to pay 3000 baht for them. Probably half of what it costs just to pay them for their time!

In some cases the guest friendly hotel may keep the ID of your girl for the night for your security. When she leaves she will ask for it back and reception will call you to see if everything is ok. This is a safety measure to protect you, in case if she tries to steal something from you for example. Mostly it’s a deterrent, so that she won’t do anything stupid because they have her ID.

Where Can You Find Guest Friendly Hotels

In the red light districts in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket you will find quite a few hotels that don’t mind accommodating the sex tourists. This is an industry that will never die and if a hotel starts to refuse unregistered guests and especially they are in an red light district, they will lose a lot of money. The travel sites will stop recommending them and people will start to talk and warn others. So they really have no choice and to keep their policy the same.


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