Welcome to Plusoneproject!

Hi and welcome to our site. My name is Franklin and I am a general contractor that specializes in kitchen renovations. I also happen to love Thailand and visit there often. More on that later!

Many of my customers over the years have always asked me why I have not created a website before. The truth is I was too busy with referrals that I didn’t even need one. My son suggested that I set up a blog type website where I can talk about many of the questions that my customers asked so they can refer to my website and even contact me through there or to make comments in the comment section where I can answer and others can read as well.

My site is not just about how to build this and that, but I am also a great fan of Bosch appliances and have dealt with the integration of them into many projects. I worked mostly with dishwashers but also with other appliances in the Bosch lineup. Other appliances I approve of are GE and Whirlpool.

If you are looking for a new kitchen design, perhaps I can help. I don’t know how often I will be able to post here but will do my best to include pictures and also advice on kitchen renovations and improvements.

If you are looking for a contractor to renew your kitchen, drop me a message on my contact page and we can discuss your goals and details. Please keep in mind this blog’s purpose is not really to solicit new customers, but to provide information to my existing ones. Heck, if you become a customer of mine, I’d be happy to continue to provide assistance.