How To Get A Ladyboy to Your Room

Do you love ladyboys? Do you want to take one to your room next time you go to Thailand? Ladyboys in Thailand are everywhere. One thing you will notice is how sexy they can be. In some cases, they are hotter than real women in Thailand.

How Can You Spot a Ladyboy?

Spotting a ladyboy is very easy. There are a few different ways to spot them and we will start with the most obvious. I have included a list below.

  1. Height – most ladyboys are tall and height is the first thing you will notice. With 9″ heels, they are even taller. They all want to be supermodels.
  2. Feet and Hands – Look at the hands and feet. They will be bigger than most women’s hands and feet
  3. Adams Apple
  4. Fake breasts
  5. Fake ass
  6. Attitude – They walk like they are on a catwalk, always flinging their hair, checking makeup, very superficial.
  7. Voice – this is the final deciding factor if you still haven’t figured it out – she will have a deep, distinctive voice, or something just not right.

Hey, ladyboys can be very feminine and incredibly sexy. If you don’t mind that they have something “extra” then it might be an experience for you to take one to your hotel room.

Where Do you Find Ladyboys?

Ladyboys work in go-go bars (dedicated to ladyboys or mixed) bars and are also freelancers. You’ll find them in red light districts like Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. Outside of Bangkok you’ll find a lot in Pattaya and Phuket.

Warning though. They are very aggressive. If you walk past one and they like you (they like almost any man that has money) they will probably grab your arm and tempt you with their charms and hotness. It can be intimidating but exciting at the same time.

If you are going to want to have sex with your ladyboy, you’ll need a room of course. Make sure you book a hotel that is guest friendly, ones that won’t turn your ladyboy away. That would truly be a disappointment where all you think about is getting her naked and then the hotel staff tells you either she’s not allowed in the hotel or you have to pay a fee. Not fun.